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Maiken & Quinn Collection

A young adult sweet romance!

Meet Maiken Maxwell and Quinn Thompson, as they stumble through high school, experiencing all their firsts from puppy love to true love and everything in between. The complete collection is a wild and emotional ride filled with angst, anticipation, sweetness, and so much more.

If you love romances about family, friendships, high school drama, and characters you can root for, you’ll love Maiken and Quinn’s story.

Books in this collection:

  1. My Heart to Touch
  2. My Heart to Hold
  3. My Heart to Give
  4. My Heart to Keep

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With beautifully written characters and an emotional storyline this was a fabulous read. S.B. Alexander has a way of writing that hooks you in from the opening pages and you do not want the story to end.
Amazon Reviewer

I headed into the storeroom, thinking of what my mom had said about dating. I didn’t get a chance to dwell on the topic before my mom came in.  “Eleanor is here.”

“I’ll be right out with Mrs. Maxwell’s order.” I made quick work of organizing the box of eggs, jams, marmalade, and bacon. Eleanor always had a big order, but on that day, she’d ordered double of everything. She’d mentioned to Momma that she had family coming into town.

I collected the box and had just started to leave the storeroom when Celia flew in.

“O-M-G. You have got to see him.” She practically dragged me out with her. I’d known Celia since the second grade, and I knew two things excited her–horses and Shawn Mendes. I didn’t see a horse anywhere in the store, and there was no way Shawn Mendes would be in our small town in Massachusetts.

We settled in the doorway, looking out at the various customers milling around.

She leaned in. “He’s over by the hats.”

I followed her gaze, or more like her finger, which she had pointed at what Momma would call a tall drink of water.

“Isn’t he dreamy?” Celia cooed.

The boy’s sandy-blond hair was cut short on the sides like the men I’d seen in those military movies my dad loved to watch.
I wanted to ask her what had happened to her crush on Liam. Instead, I sighed like Celia had at the Shawn Mendes concert. The somewhat heavy box in my hand felt weightless.

Dreamy didn’t begin to describe the boy at all. He had a strong jaw, a somewhat crooked nose as though he’d broken it in a fight, and a broad chest.

He tried on a beanie that my granny had made then examined himself in the small mirror we had on the counter for that very reason.

“I love how that Henley fits him,” Celia said.

Dreamy Boy checked the price on the hat then returned it to the pile. My heart fell a notch. He was dressed nicely enough in jeans, army boots, and no jacket, which seemed odd considering the temperature was around fifteen degrees outside.

“You should go talk to him,” Celia said without looking at me.

I didn’t know if he’d heard Celia or if he felt us staring, but he lifted his head. When he did, I flinched and almost dropped the box.

Celia waved.

The blood drained from me. “Don’t bring attention to us.”

Granny had always said that one day, Celia would be trouble. I’d laughed many times when I’d heard that. But I was beginning to think that Granny had some foresight.

Regardless, I didn’t need some boy to pick on me or look down at me as if I were beneath him, and Dreamy Boy was giving me that vibe until one side of his mouth turned up. Whether he was looking at Celia or me, one thing was certain–my pulse galloped as fast as my horse, Apple. I couldn’t look away.

His big blue eyes sucked me in and gobbled me up. He had hair like James Dean–thick, sandy blond, and longer on top. His pretty lips were to die for. Yeah, I was crushing hard.

“He kind of looks like Zac Efron only with blond hair,” Celia said.

He certainly had those belly-tingling blue eyes like Zac Efron.

Copyright 2018 S.B. Alexander

I loved watching Maiken & Quinn getting to know each other, falling in love, dealing with many problems and finally growing up. After reading so many books of the Maxwell universe I feel deeply connected to the whole family, including the Thompsons. It feels as if I've laughed and cried and loved with them. Strongly recommended.
Amazon Reviewer

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