Sam & Layla Box Set 1-3
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Sam & Layla Box Set 1-3

Step into the world of vampires!

Step into a captivating world where the clash between vampire and vampire hunter ignites an electrifying enemies-to-lovers romance. Join Sam and Layla on a pulse-pounding journey, defying insurmountable odds at every turn, and lose yourself in a tale of forbidden love that will leave you breathless, eagerly flipping through each page, craving more with every twist and turn from beginning to end.

The Hunted

As a vampire hunter, capturing targets should be easy. But when I draw my enemy out in the open, I’m blindsided by his mesmerizing green eyes and snarky wit. Sam Mason is the type of vampire my mom warned me about—the kind who will seduce you with his easy smile and arrogant charm.

A million red flags are telling me to run. But my sisters’ lives are in jeopardy, and the only way to save them is to grovel for Sam’s help.

The Predator

I bit a vampire and liked it. Now, I’m craving blood as if I’m a creature of the night. I’m far from it. My family has been hunting bloodsuckers for centuries.

So it comes as a horrifying shock when my aunt catches me licking blood off a knife like its cake batter. Panicking, she calls Sam Mason. Little does she know that dangling me like a carrot to the cocky Vampire Navy SEAL has consequences.

If my uncle finds him on his property, he’ll burn Sam alive. Now instead of killing vampires, I’m rushing to save one. I pray I can’t get there in time. Otherwise, my family will suffer a fate worse than death.

The Union

Since I slept with a vampire, my family thinks I’ve committed a sacrilege, and they want to lock me away. It’s not me the Aberdeens should worry about but the powerful Vampire Navy SEAL Sam Mason. Beneath Sam’s boyish charm lies a predator, a ticking time bomb ready to destroy anyone who dares to mess with him or those he cares about, especially me.

Yet he hasn’t met my human grandmother. She’s sweet with a dash of salt and a sprinkle of acid to complement her personality. It’s a lethal combination that will burn the toughest of adversaries right down to the bone. Nothing will stop her hunger for control and power and to lead a genetically altered army of supernatural killers with me as her lieutenant.

A family war is brewing between the Aberdeens and Masons, and now I need to choose sides.

Books in this Series

The Dawning Cover
The Prodigies Cover
The Prophecy Cover
The Rebirth Cover
Sam & Layla Box Set 1-3

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