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The Dawning

It’s the dawning of a new era in the supernatural world. 

There’s a war on the horizon, and I’m caught between enemy lines. On one side, my human grandmother. Harriet Aberdeen will walk through fire to get what she wants—me. On the other, an arrogant, sexy vampire. Sam Mason will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves—me.

But neither one is in control. The power is in my hands until fate steps in. Now I’m at a crossroads. If I run, I risk the life growing inside me. If I fight, the outcome is the same. So, I only have one option—give myself up and pray my grandmother will go easy on me.

Yet, it’s not my grandmother I need to worry about, but my evil sister Rianne. She’s jumped on the crazy train of genetic engineering. She has this hair-brained notion that we must give up our humanity together. Over my dead body, that will never happen. 

Again, that darn fate has a way of screwing with me. After an epic sisterly brawl, Rianne has the upper hand.

Now, with time knocking on my door, I can’t wait for Sam to rescue me. I have to save myself. Otherwise, I won’t be the woman he fell in love with but a monster who will kill anyone in her path.

The Dawning is book four in the continuing saga in this enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance featuring Sam & Layla. Their story is rife with action, suspense, snarky banter, a slow-burn romance that’s sure to singe your e-reader, and ends on a cliffhanger. This is an ongoing series that begins in The Hunted. For a better reading experience, the books should be read in order.

Series Reading Order:

  1. The Hunted
  2. The Predator
  3. The Union
  4. The Dawning
  5. The Prodigies
  6. The Prophecy
  7. The Rebirth
5 HEARTACHE STARS!! My heart aches right has stopped beating, crushed and put back whole at times. Sam and Kayla has the best love story with lots of obstacles all the way through. This author knows how to keep us readers engaged with so much action and love. I need the next book like right now.
R. Ziglar

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Best book in the far. I don't have words to describe how good it is. That is why I am the reader and S.B. Alexander is the kick butt author!!
A. Copping

Books in this Series

The Dawning Cover
The Prodigies Cover
The Prophecy Cover
The Rebirth Cover
Sam & Layla Box Set 1-3

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