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The Maxwell Collection

Where love rules, and family is sacred!

Read the Maxwell Series from start to finish and meet the Maxwell brothers who put their hearts on the line and the women who snag their attention.

Travel through time from high school to college and see how the Maxwell family grows into new adults.

The Maxwell Collection includes seven complete romance novels jam-packed with over fifteen hundred pages that you can get lost in for hours. Be prepared for all the feels, angst, suspense, second chance romances, all the feels, steamy times, romantic stories, family drama, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Books in this box set include:

  1. Dare to Kiss – Kade & Lacey
  2. Dare to Dream – Kade & Lacey
  3. Dare to Love – Kelton & Lizzie
  4. Dare to Dance – Kross & Ruby
  5. Dare to Live – Kody & Jessie
  6. Dare to Breathe – Kade & Lacey
  7. Dare to Embrace – Kade & Lacey
The author hits the ball out of the park! From high school to adulthood, tragedy to triumph, these novels have it all. Each book is a stand-alone but the individual books build on the previous ones, culminating in an awesome series. 5 stars!
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Where love rules and family is sacred.

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